T-Series charger is a movable EV charger that you can use anywhere you need it. It is built to follow you wherever you need to re-charge your electric vehicle with a few easy steps.

T-Series fast movable EV charger is suitable for electric cars, commercial electric vehicles, electric trucks, lorries, vans, buses, and off-highway vehicles. This fast charger has 40 kW of pure charging power and has a simultaneous dual charging option providing 20 kW from each channel that enables to charge two vehicles at the same time.

Key T-Series EV charger benefits

  • Easily movable

T-Series is ideal for various locations and doesn’t require a fixed installation. T-Series is easily movable, ergonomic, and well-balanced.

  • Durable design

It is weatherproof and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It can handle dirt, water, dust, snow.

  • User friendly

The intuitive and universal touch screen guarantees a simple charging experience for everyone from beginners to the most experienced EV drivers.

  • Dual charging

T-Series has a dual charging option for charging two vehicles at the same time, with 40 kW of pure charging power or 20 kW from each charging channel.

  • Supports all the most common charging standards

T-Series is suitable for 63 A and 32 A sockets. Also, CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and Type 2.

  • Intelligent

T-Series has a loud connection for wireless software updates and superior data management.

How to use T-Series EV charger?

1. You need to have electricity and a 63 A or a 32 A wall socket to plug the T-Series charger into. Make sure you are close enough to both the vehicle and the power supply.

2. Then, simply plug the charger into the wall and set the main switch to ON.

3. Allow a few minutes for the charger to turn on and update the software.

4. Choose the right plug type and plug the charging cable into your vehicle.

5. Press “Start Charging” on the touch screen and you are ready to charge!

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