AdBlue® is a very pure 32.5% urea solution that can be used in heavy goods vehicles with Euro 4, Euro 5, Euro 6, and Euro 7 diesel engines with the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology, in agricultural and forestry machinery, buses, and cars with diesel engines, trains and in the shipping industry.

In the reduction catalytic converter the toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) are converted into harmless nitrogen and water vapour, i.e. naturally occurring gasses. This system makes it possible to reduce NOx emissions of diesel vehicles to 85%.

The consumption of this fluid depends on the emission, which may total 5%–8% of the overall fuel consumption. As a chemical substance, it is non-toxic and not hazardous, but it may react with some substances, therefore it is necessary to ensure its appropriate storage and transportation conditions.

It is very important to use AdBlue® products that comply with ISO standards for AdBlue® storage and handling systems to ensure the operation of vehicles. The quality of it is guaranteed by adhering to the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 22241-1 quality requirements, which determine the quality characteristics of the diesel exhaust fluid to ensure proper performance of the SCR system. This is the main officially approved international standard.
  • ISO 22241-2 specifies test methods required for determining the quality characteristics of the diesel exhaust fluid.
  • ISO/DIS 22241-3 specifies handling, transportation and storage requirements of the diesel exhaust fluid. In its structure the document is similar to the product safety data sheet.
  • ISO/DIS 22241-4 specifies the requirements for the equipment intended to dispense the AdBlue® fluid, components and other parts of the equipment which come into direct contact with the AdBlue® fluid.

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