Kempower Power Unit is a modular and scalable fast-charging cabinet for electric cars, electric commercial vehicles, and electric off-highway vehicles. Moreover, it’s especially ideal for a large EV fleet, outdoor/indoor employment parking, and retail. The power Unit is also suitable for electric marine operations.

Either, this Power Unit is designed to serve many electric vehicles with different applications. Whether you need a lot of EV charging power in the retail, worksite, or for a large fleet, this Power Unit is for you. As your business grows, the system is easily scalable due to the modular rack-style structure of the cabinet with add-on power modules to furnish cabinets to their full potential.

Key Kempower Power Unit benefits

  • Robust design

Firstly, robust design and special coating for the electronics make the Kempower products weatherproof.

  • Scalability

Selected power electronics topology enables that same cabinet build can be multiplied consisting of 1 – 3 identical cabinets to fulfill each need.

  • Higher uptime

Importantly, the Kempower products structure demands less frequent maintenance than other chargers due to our long expertise in heavy industry electronics in demanding environments.

  • Efficient structure of power module

The module is the core of all Kempower Power Units. Indeed, each module packs 40 kW of charging power, but function individually.

  • Connectivity

Each CPU has a router on the control module and communication from CPU to ChargEye and CPO’s back-end base on Ethernet/WiFi/4G or LTE.

  • Dynamic power

In addition, Power Unit can be furnished with a dynamic power management module that can route a selected number of power channels to single or multiple outlets.

Individually configured charging Power Unit solution

Kempower satellite consists of a Kempower Power Unit  and up to 8 double satellite charging posts. Also, inside the cabinet, there are Power Modules that each provide 40 kW of charging power.

Due to CPU’s modular structure, a single Power Unit offers power from 40 kW to 160 kW. The combined CPU can consist of 2 – 3 cabinets up to 480 kW.

Also, when your business grows and you need more charging power, it can be expanded by adding more cabinets to cover your needs.

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