UAB Grinteco pays particular attention to AdBlue® quality. Each AdBlue® batch is examined for compliance with ISO-22241-1/2/3 quality standards and a quality certificate is issued before delivering the product to the client. The IBCs and other AdBlue® packaging containers are made of special plastic and stainless steel. The quick release CDS and TODO couplings are used for easy connection to an AdBlue® IBC, which prevents contact between the air and AdBlue® and AdBlue® is directed to the tanks.

Please note that using poor quality product, which sometimes even cannot be called AdBlue®, may have costly consequences. One of them is costly repair of the damaged SCR system, because none of the garages for trucks, agricultural machinery or passenger vehicles will recognize the warranty if the tests show that poor quality AdBlue® has been used.

Another reason is that in Europe, e.g. in Germany and Poland, strict environmental requirements apply. In these countries transport supervision services measure the levels of AdBlue® and harmful exhaust emissions. Huge fines are imposed on non-complying vehicles.

The most important component of AdBlue® is very pure urea. Its concentration (31.8–33.2%) is the most important qualitative product parameter. To measure the concentration of urea we offer a special device – an AdBlue® urea concentration gauge (refractometer). It measures the concentration of urea in the fluid.

In order to check whether AdBlue® is of good quality, special and costly tests must be performed for the concentration of the particles in AdBlue®. Sometimes truck garages claim that poor quality AdBlue® has been used without performing any tests.