The HydraLytica™ software collects data on the vehicles with the integrated HydraGEN™ technology. This vehicle telematics device software displays fuel savings and carbon emission reports. HydraLytica™ allows truck drivers or vehicle owners to monitor in their computers automatically calculated diesel fuel savings and emission reduction reports with the HydraGEN™ technology real-time.

How HydraLytica™ works

Following the activation of the HydraGEN™ device, based on the on-board diagnostic system data, the software records the total mileage travelled by the vehicle, the hours used and the consumed fuel. After the HydraGEN™ unit becomes operational, HydraLytica™ determines fuel consumption and distance travelled, and calculates fuel savings and pollution reduction.

The HydraLytica™ software provides access to telematics information from any location equipped with an internet connection. The HydraLytica™ software also clearly displays historical daily and weekly travel data after the HydraGEN™ technology has been installed on a vehicle.

1. HydraLytica™ maps the routes of vehicles, monitors fuel consumption, and displays when the vehicle is moving or stationary or when its ignition is off.

2. HydraLytica™ reads the data directly from the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port.

3. HydraLytica™ transmits data to the dynaCERT cloud server remotely via the patented Smart ECU which is integrated in the HydraGEN™ technology unit.

4. Hydralytica™ software provides documented proof of the effectiveness of the HydraGEN™ technology as it does not rely on human interpretation and evaluation.