We offer our clients the AdBlue® equipment and solutions for trucks and other vehicles from trusted producers.

Filling stations

Our partners, Blue1 and Storage Partners, offer a wide range of AdBlue® storage and refilling equipment for trucks and passenger cars. According to the client’s needs, we offer containers and refilling equipment with 1,000–15,000-liter capacity.

Blue1 is one of the best AdBlue® equipment producers known for its high quality refilling units: Blue1 Ecoline, Blue1 Mid Box, Blue1 BlueBox-Eco, Blue1 BlueBox-Smart and Blue1 BlueBox Basic or Premium. The wide choice of equipment allows each client to choose an optimum solution.

The Blue1 equipment is produced to the highest standards in order to guarantee high quality of AdBlue®. The refilling units are designed so truck drivers could easily, quickly, conveniently and safely refill the vehicles with AdBlue®. The capacity of the refilling equipment varies from 1,000 to 15,000 liters, so it is convenient to use and to ensure consistent AdBlue® supply.

Storage Partners is one of the biggest AdBlue® equipment manufacturers in Europe with more than 14 years of experience. Storage Partners also produce commercial equipment for petrol stations, which, depending on the client’ needs, can be provided with the AdBlue® dispenser.

We offer an additional service to the customers who wish to monitor and keep track of the information about AdBlue® refills. It will allow you to optimize costs, save time and prevent accounting errors. An electronic unit with an integrated card/key reader and data-processing software is installed in the stationary AdBlue® dispenser. Each vehicle will have a unique user key for refilling AdBlue®. Data on the refilling time, AdBlue® quantity, the driver and the vehicle are transferred to the server. According to the customer’s needs, we can send weekly or monthly AdBlue® refill reports. This will make it easier for you to collect and process data about AdBlue® refills. You will not have to worry that AdBlue® will run out unexpectedly.

ICB containers

An IBC (intermediate bulk container) is an optimal choice for the companies with a fleet of up to several dozen vehicles using AdBlue®. An IBC does not take up much room and does not require huge storage costs. It is easy to relocate the container, because it has a special tray adapted for storage.

Due to strict quality requirements, an IBC must be stored in closed or open premises protected against contamination with dust, weather elements, direct sunlight, other dirt, and against temperatures higher than +30°C and lower than -11°C. IBCs are sealed to ensure product quality before delivery to the client.

AdBlue® dispensing equipment

AdBlue® dispensing equipment is specially adapted for IBCs. This equipment is suitable for clients who have several or more vehicles that use AdBlue®.

Depending on the client’s needs, the AdBlue® dispensing equipment may be provided with or without the electronic flow meter. The meter allows you to keep records of the quantities dispensed at any given moment and the total quantity of AdBlue® dispensed.

The dispensing equipment is very simple and convenient to use. It may be attached to an IBC in two ways:

  • mounted on the side of an IBC
  • mounted on the top of an IBC

The dispensing equipment may be equipped with a special CDS connection (coupling), which allows to move the pump quickly and conveniently from one IBC to another. The equipment may also be supplied with a special IBC tap connection. The dispensing equipment may also be supplied with a 4-metre hose which can be extended up to 10 meters.

AdBlue® canisters/bottles

When a truck runs out of AdBlue®, the new truck on-board diagnostic system OBDII restricts the speed and the engine power of the vehicle up to 40%. This could be avoided with a canister/bottle of AdBlue® which we recommend each driver to have in the vehicle. Depending on your needs, you can purchase 5, 10 or 20 litre bottles.

The canisters/bottles come with special nozzles for quicker and more convenient refill of AdBlue®.