Kempower Station Charger is a compact and modular EV fast-charging station for electric cars, electric commercial vehicles, and electric off-highway vehicles. This charger is a combined CPU and a Satellite as a single unit. In addition, it inherits the user interface hardware and cable handling from the Satellite post. Grinteco can offer two versions of Station Charger: 500V and 800V depending on vehicle’s drivetrain voltage.

Kempower Station Charger: ideal for tight EV fast-charging applications

Firstly, the Kempower charger is optimal on drive-through charging stations where the small footprint and minimal cabling are a necessity. Also, charging power management can be selected from static or dynamic to meet application needs. On static power management, each power module is routed to a specific charging cable or further routed to an external Satellite post outlet.

Furthermore, on dynamic power management, charging power is routed optimistically to any of the outlets up to full power respectively to cable sizing and a number of charging outlets. Dynamics versatility offers nearly limitless possibilities for EV charging.

Key Kempower Station Charger benefits

  • Efficient structure of power module

The two-channel 40 kW Kempower Power Unit is the core of this Station Charger. Also, this device is redundant as each power modules work independently – if one of them malfunctions, the others keep on working.

  • Supports all the most common charging standards

Charger is suitable for CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO, and Type 2 AC.

  • Variety of possibilities

Grinteco offers both 500V and 800V versions depending on your vehicle’s drivetrain voltage. Additionally, charging power from 40kW to 320 kW is available for both versions. It is also available as a multi-voltage (input) variant.

  • ChargEye connectivity

You can monitor remotely the energy consumption, possible utilization rate or use ratio, and the status of your charger.

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