Kempower Satellite charging system is an electric vehicle fast-charging system for large and widespread fleets. The modular and scalable system is especially ideal for continuously growing electric bus & truck fleet charging at depots and parties providing fast-charging service for electric passenger cars. Each user can choose their individual fast charging period, connector type, and payment method if that’s necessary.

Moreover, the weatherproof housing and special coating for the electronics ensure that Kempower Satellite posts can be installed indoors and outdoors. Also, this charging system offers power from 40 kW to 480 kW, even more, if scalable solutions are needed.

Kempower Satellite: dynamically distributed ultrafast power 

Kempower Satellite charging system consists of a Kempower Power Unit and up to 8 double satellite charging posts. Inside the cabinet, there are Power Modules that each provide 40 kW of charging power.

Up to 4 modules can be installed in a single Kempower Power Unit whereas one charging power unit can have 1 to 3 cabinets. All in all, up to 12 modules can be installed in a charging power unit. So, you can start with one module and acquire more when needed. The charging power can be distributed dynamically into each charging output.

The modular structure and the possibility to select from a wide range of Satellite posts and pantographs gives you exclusive access to a tailored system that is just the right amount of charging power for your application needs. All in all, it ensures superior EV charging performance.

Key Kempower Satellite benefits

  • Outstanding power vs. footprint area ratio

Due to the slim design and the modularity, it has outstanding power vs. footprint ratio. The output of each charging pole can be up to 100 kW, 5 times as high as a standard charging pole of the same size.

  • Supports all the most common charging standards

This charger has various charging variants: DOUBLE CCS2, SINGLE CCS2, CHADEMO, CCS2, DOUBLE TYPE 2 AC, TYPE 2 AC, CCS2. Also, we offer 500V and 800V versions depending on your vehicle’s charging voltage. Charging power from 40kW to 480 kW is available for both versions.

  • User friendly

The intuitive and universal touch screen guarantees a simple charging experience for everyone from beginners to the most experienced EV drivers.

  • Class-leading charging cable

Kempower Satellite cable does not touch the ground and that elongates the maintenance intervals. The cable is also longer than standard fast charging cables, so the manoeuvring of the cable and charging the EV is effortless.

  • Dynamic power distribution

It has 1-16 satellite charging poles and/ or pantographs for dynamic power distribution. They provide dynamic charging power without interruptions. Each module packs 40 kW of charging power. The modules are not dependent on each other, if one of them malfunctions the other still works perfectly fine.

  • Intelligent

Kempower Satellite has a loud connection for wireless software updates and superior data management.

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