What is HydraGEN™ and what does it do?

HydraGEN™ is a carbon emissions reduction device for all types and sizes of diesel engines, which produces pure hydrogen and oxygen that will reduce carbon emissions from your engine and help you save money on fuel. These gases are added into the diesel engine air intake (in front of the turbine) to create a homogeneous mixture with the injected diesel fuel that is consumed during the combustion process. The HydraGEN™ technology does not change, alter or modify the engine’s computer or control system in any way.

What applications is the HydraGEN™ technology compatible with?

The HydraGEN™ technology was created for using in diesel engines in heavy-duty trucks ranging from Euro 4, in refrigeration units, power generators, marine vessels, construction equipment, mining and forestry equipment and rail locomotives.

Will HydraGEN™ improve fuel economy and by how much?

HydraGEN™ will improve a vehicle’s fuel economy. The results will vary, but generally the fuel savings will be between 6 and 20%.

How can you check how much fuel you really save?

Overall fuel savings are 10-20%. It depends on the driving habits, trailer weight capacity, and terrain. In order to monitor fuel savings, we recommend an optional fuel tracker HydraLytica™ that will be available in Q2-2020.

How often is service/maintenance of the HydraGEN™ device required?

Regular maintenance includes refilling the unit with distilled water approximately every 5,000 km or 50 engine hours.

Is it possible to move HydraGEN from one engine to another?

Yes, it is. A HydraGEN™ unit has a design life of 10 years. To relocate a unit to another engine, registration is required for tracking purposes within our data management system – at www.myhydragen.com or MyHydraGEN™ app (for either iOS or Android phones).

Does HydraGEN™ freeze in winter?

No, it doesn’t. The HydraGEN™ technology has been engineered to operate at temperatures as low as -60°C. The system has built-in heaters that turn on automatically as required. These heaters will bring the unit to operating temperatures in about 3 hours after an extended downtime in winter conditions.

What happens in the event of a product failure?

The HydraGEN™ unit failing during the warranty period will be replaced. We also offer 100% repair and 100% income loss warranty if the engine stops working or fails to work due to failure of the HydraGEN™ unit.

Since HydraGEN™ uses the truck battery, will it make the truck operate less efficiently?

No, it won’t. The unit runs only when the engine is running. So long as the engine is running, the truck’s alternator will continue to produce enough electricity to charge the battery with the extra power that normally is produced as surplus. A HydraGEN™ unit uses the surplus energy. Maximum power consumption in winter is about 15–25 amps.

Will my engine overheat if I use HydraGEN™?

No, it won’t, because the increase in efficiency of the thermodynamic cycle actually results in lower engine exhaust temperature.