The Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania showed interest in the HydraGEN™ technology opportunities

August 1, 2019

Air pollution is one of the most sensitive problems in Lithuania and across the world. Like in many other countries of the world, the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Lithuania is looking for effective ways to reduce pollution. One of the biggest challenges is reducing air pollution with nitrogen in 2020–2030 in Lithuania. Road transport remains the largest air polluter, although Lithuania has managed to reduce nitrogen emissions by 9% within a decade.

In order to draw up a national air pollution control plan, representatives of the Ministry had many meetings with consultants and the transport sector was given special attention. The HydraGEN™ technology which offers a breakthrough in this field did not go unnoticed. Chief Specialist Paulius Žvirblis of the pollution prevention policy group at the Ministry invited the representatives of UAB Grinteco to a meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Transport and Communications and Vilnius City Municipality.

During the meeting the HydraGEN™ technology specifications and operation principles were provided and earned enormous interest from government representatives. The importance of the HydraGEN™ technology was emphasized in the context of huge share of pollution from the transport sector. Recognizing that the pollution indicators of major cities of Lithuania and Europe are alarming, it was agreed regarding the cooperation on pollution reduction issues in the future. We are grateful to the Ministry of the Environment for supporting business participation in the formation of the state pollution reduction strategy and the opportunity to improve awareness of the importance of sustainable transport.